Hand spinner/fidget toy comparison and review- Black hills precision vs steampunk spinner

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Review/comparison of two fidget hand spinners. Black hills precision vs steampunk spinners. Both great spinners just two different animals when it comes to actual fidgeting vs spin times.

The original steampunk spinners - https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShadywoodSigns

Black Hills Precision - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackHillsPrecision


Morty C-137 says:

Should be black hills vs phat boy

Thomas Aasen says:

The sharknado would be great with the big buttons from the great and wonderful "Phat Boy" from same company. 😉

Jacob Hammond says:

did you name your channel from tuscaloosa county?

Joe Garritano says:

The Sharknado is $19 btw. Good entry level unit. Steampunk Spinners has at least a dozen models available right now with more mass and better bearings. @tuskaloosa_tactical – let me know you want to try out one of our more deluxe, yet suprisingly affordable units. We have a 100% ceramic bearing that will blow your mind.

Crutchfield Clan says:

Gonna need you to zoom in on those bearings, hard to see

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