How I use Terrapin Dry Lube – Yoyo Bearing Performance Maintenance

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Tommy Begoske says:

you can touch acetone. it's just nail polish remover. people constantly touch it. what you can't do it get it on plastic or paint or rubber because it will melt it

OrigamiTourist2010 says:

I got some of this lube and used your method. It works fine but after some time, the bearing tends to get slower and slower. I found online a more controlled way to apply the lube that lasts longer. I add a small amount of the powder to a much larger quantity of 100% isopropyl alcohol (Heet – red bottle) in a 5ml plastic bottle—cheap on eBay. I shake it at first but let it settle a while and then never shake it again. What remains in suspension is just right and I apply a single tiny drop at a time with a 0.2ml plastic dropper—100 for $0.99 on eBay. I apply a drop, spin it like you do, and then dry it completely with a blast of DustOff or similar. I time the free spin and write it down. I repeat this until the times stop increasing—usually decrease. Then I dip it in acetone briefly. Sometimes I need to let it soak for a few hours to get the maximum spin time. I read that acetone actually erodes the bonds—slowly. The thing is, the lube is now bonded onto the balls and races so even a long soak does not remove the lube. In fact it usually provides the longest spin time. I got a 35 second free spin with a stainless steel size C 188 bearing that only spun a few seconds before I cleaned it with acetone and lubed it this way. I still have to renew the lube but less often. Another thing, I don't get any of the binding or grittiness that I got applying the powder dry.

Victor Hugo says:

what is that powder? graffite?

Martin Svärd says:

What exactly does the acetone do to the bearing after you lubed it?

Michael Cady says:

Thanks! I watched a couple of others, but this one finally made everything clear.

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