How indian parents react to fidget spinner |fidget spinner and cubes ep-3 |# my first vine

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Harsh Vlogs says:

Bro you copied my video

Yu Yu says:

7 8 ki jagah Dausa to bol deta

Yu Yu says:

your acting is so bad

Giant Eye's Hacker says:

Plz promote my channel

Harsh D Channel says:

Bhai apna dimag laga le kyo copy karta h

Ninja freestylers says:

when the father was telling something a fidgt spiner is kept on the table

Chirag Sehgal says:


The Green Emerald says:

ma bhi indian hooo lets be friends

Soham Roy says:

wah beta English news paper Hindi meh padta hai!!! Unique talent!!! Anyway good job keep it up!


sub copy Kiya hai

enggbuddies says:

copied from harsh vlogs

sumit66890 dani says:

Rk is rk…No one can change him…..:-!#####

sai Sidharth says:

Fans request

sai Sidharth says:

Do gameplay of forza horizon 3

Aniket kotgire says:

brooπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ very nice….

sai Sidharth says:


sai Sidharth says:

Ha ha ha ha ha

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