How long does a fidget spinner spin?

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in this show you how long the EWR fidget spinner spins with a single flick! Most of the spinners I've seen advertise spinning up to 2:30 or 3:00 minutes, but it really depends on how fast you spin it and how good the ball bearings are.

After the video I noticed that when I spin the spinner while holding it, it spins longer. The reason for this is because my fingers are keeping the middle from moving around. When the spinner was on the frisbee (or disc for you Ultimate fans), there wasn't any pressure on the middle to keep it from moving around. I might try a new technique for spinning in a later video.

Let me know if the comments if you want to see any specific spinners reviewed. I may also be doing a giveaway in the next few videos so stay tuned for updates, as well as more videos.


Stephen Wall says:

My fidget spinner can spin around 3 minutes long.

cooljunkproductions says:

mine spins for 7 minutes if i give it a hefty spin. look up EDC Hand Fidget Tri-Spinner R188 stainless steel bearing. it costs like 16 USD

Theweekforme 04 says:

My fidget spinner spins for 6:20 for me.

Sunny's Gadget Reviews says:

Mine spins for over 6 minutes each time.

Winster Chesty says:

And then there's my sorry ass 2$ one that only spins for like 25 seconds lmao.

spaz kindsrom says:

Mine spins for over 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Philippe Beauchamp says:

Can't reach 2 minutes bar. Stops at 1:50 haha

Ino145 says:

40 seconds here too, it fell once though, not mine anyway, I don't own one. xD

Fabian Elias says:

My spins for 3minutes and 38 seconds and I bought it as a souvenir from rhodes greece For one euro.

edm life says:

Guys if u want free spinners then u can take from me bcz I have too many spinners

ToxicWaste 83 says:

Mine spins for 2:16 ITS only £4

EmeraldknightBW says:

mine spins for 2min 47.11sec. But then again you spinned it with one hand.

A Kumar says:

Mine spins better it spinned for 3:7mins

Krystalia777 says:

A fidget spinner sped up looks so awesome!

James ferguson says:

mine spins for 2 .34 LOL

HeyitsDee xx says:

My fidget spinner spins for 51.14 seconds BRUH HOW DID YOURS GO FOR OVER 2 MINUTES? Is it that flick of that wrist ? XD lol you are a troll master

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