How To – Assemble a 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

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- Center cap is pressure fitted and should not be removed once installed.

A quick video tutorial showing you how to install bearings and your center cap and gemstone bead into a 3D printed fidget spinner frame!

Available to order at:

'Bones Reds' bearings used in video.


Alexander Sykes says:

Where can you get the beads and caps in the U.K.

ll kingpandaz ll says:

is it bad to have the outside bearing covers off

Nebula Palmer says:

I don't know if this is just me, but did anyone else think that sound when he put the bearings in was satisfying?

Dude says:

Hello, I bought ceramic ball bearings and if I push it in the bearings don't spin freely anymore because the hole is to small and it presses the bearing so it cant spin. But if İ make that hole Bagger, The bearing is just too loose
What should I do?

Jackson Sherriff says:

what printer did you use

Tanner S. says:

Do the outside bearings have to be different than the inside ones?
Or what type of bearing is the outside one and what type of bearing is the inside one?
They appear to be different so i assume they look different for a reason

MarginalPanic1 says:

Where did you get that bead?

Brian Stasierowski says:

did you design the spin frame? if so did you make each hole exactly the size of the bearings?

DougisLive says:

Does having the outside bearing affect the spin or function or are they just for weight?

Ethan Burns says:

Once you put the bearings in, can you take them back out?

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