How To Be The Fidget Spinner King on!

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In this video I share some tips and tricks that will help you improve your game on!


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civil2001 says:

That's a funny fidget spinner game lol

Mcandebs VIds says:

Hello If you see this just know your amazing and if you feel down feel free to buddy me on AJ I'm Mcandebs and I will try to make you feel special like you are

Liz Flemming says:

Great Video Shopking! I made some fan art for you today, I hope you like it!

Aparrifano animal jam says:

how do i make those little mass things come out of my spinner?

Emily Dilts says:

238th :')

Nancy Animal jam says:

Yo shop can i ask u if u have any left over worns or cupids? If do plz send 1-2 to me plz i dont have i can afford trading them
so yeah my user is:nancy6789

Tsunami104 says:

y do yo ppl care bout bein first to comment or stuff? srssly ur acting like pre schoolers

Lilacoraclez AJ says:


QueenElsa AJ says:

why does it always have to tell me he made a video like 14 min after xd

awesomemma1 says:

Auto me at awesomemma1 on animal jam plz and spike? Love u!!!

Hannah Richmond says:

Of so I probably will get hate for this but..

I think figet spinners stink and are not amusing at all my opinion

LPS Adventure says:


Jonahpop says:

First comment

Lily Lliteras says:

first like!

dennis weicht says:

firat comment

LPS wolvarenis magic wolf :3 says:

Zstill ty of putting my art in vid

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