HOW TO BUILD A Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinner

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A Lego Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner with instructions included.

Jacob Tillberg - Counting Time
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prf1234able says:

How do you get those legos

Rised Creativity says:

Awesome! I didn't even no that glow in the dark lego existed 😀

RubiksWiiU says:

Great original idea of using 100% lego for glow in the dark! (most people use LED lights) Awesome job with this one 🙂

The Lego's Garage says:

Woah! It's one of the best LEGO fidget spinners! I love it!

Legowizz777 says:

Finally, a new unique spinner with the fantastic feature of glow in the dark. Definitely one of if not the best out there. Damn it looks awesome in the dark. Well done on executing a spinner quite like a real two pronged one. Your effort in all uploads is astounding! I congratulate you on such a mesmerising creation!

Q Builds says:

Epic sub 4 sub?

AstonishingStudios says:

Minty, fam!

TheLitTurtle/HockeyFam says:

Awesome job!

BlahBricks says:

That's really cool man! Great idea!

Lego Bricker says:

Wow! Very Cool!

BricksForDays says:

Looks epic! Fantastic job

kittytoy says:

Great video and very unique idea!

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