how to clean a fidget spinner and make it spin 100 times faster!spin test works 100%

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Raz Rojas B says:

Just use electronic cleaner, it is used to clean electronic components like PCBs and potentiometers, you can find it in any electronic components supply sotres. It can only be sold in pressurised metal cans like compressed air so don't buy the soapy stuff to clean screens and blu-ray players and don't get the ones that have silicone used to clean and lube printer gears. No need to disassemble anything just spin the FS and flush away at the bearing.
Don't use acetone or thinner it will ruin the plastic cages and seals, and water and soap will corrode the metal parts. Electronic cleaner is just like rubbing alcohol but stronger, it's designed to thoroughly and heavily remove glue, grease, dirt and grit whithout damaging metal, plastic or ceramic parts. It also dries very fast, then just use a little WD40 to protect and lube the bearing or leave it degreased.

Ann Pham says:

Wd-40 attracts more dust

Krystal Camille Morta says:

your sure that it would take break

Stephanie Dolle says:

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daniel yom says:

thank you guys for all this support

Jaedyn Walters says:

Hi Daniel. It's me, Jaedyn?

Jovanni Yanez says:

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Adam says:

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