How to Clean, and Lube Skate Bearings.

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nd4spd says:

Rat Vision recommends against white lithium grease…

Tim Cassel says:

would some traxxas 30k differential oil/lube work well for my longboard?

MarzNet256 says:

Marine grease is great for particular applications but it does tend to get very stiff as it ages. This makes it hard to clean out. For scooter/skate wheel bearing I use Boesheild T9 (for speed) or Park Tool Grease-Urea base (for endurance).

I'm Savage says:

Can anyone recommend me a lube besides from speed cream or other common lubes sold in skate/bike shops? Like something that I probably have in my garage, like oils or something that would make a good substitute for the lubricant.

Chrisboyred 7. says:

Use Orange Oil Citrus Cleaners, and Lubricant. Easy clean and it's quick.

Josh says:

did anyone tried mixing small amounts or blue automobile high temperature bearing grease and some bearing oil? just to thicken the bearing oil a little bit. maybe in the consistency of a hot gravy?

Wyocaster says:

Wouldn't the ammonia from the windex rust the bearings?

AgileCoast 1 says:

I have something called MPL (Multi-Purpose Lubricant) It's normally used for car parts. Could it be used to lubricate bearings?

Longboard Technology says:


Water doesn't instantly harm bearings. 
In this video:
I leave bearings in salt water overnight with negligible effect.

A minute or two under a jet of water will cause literally zero harm so long as they are properly dried afterwards.

Also, I really do like nylon retainers. I think they have a better feel to them.

hurlrules1 says:

Will never ever use water hose it will not get all the grease out at all and will discolor your bearings due to the rapid oxidation that takes place also known as rust I will only use these to clean my bearings Gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, white spirits, paint thinner, or mineral spirits these are more than safe enough for all bearings and retainer types it does not degrade the retainers at all I have never once had any issues with any bearing retainers getting degraded (only use acetone for bearings with metal retainers!!! never use on bearings with nylon/plastic retainers ever) 

Anthony Gutierrez says:

Your retarded

Longboard Technology says:

Gasoline, no.
It has Bromine in it as an addative, which is pretty nasty stuff.

Kerosene should probably work fine.

Cliand Najera says:

can gasoline or kerosene can be use too?

ja Skate says:

hey there , would your trucks be usable on a top mount without a problem?

Longboard Technology says:

12:12 ?
Yeah, it overwhelmed my cameras microphone.

izman20 says:

Air can sounded weird.

Longboard Technology says:

The Hair Drier Police will get me.


Why can't you touch a hair dryer

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