How To Draw A Fidget Spinner

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Learn how to draw a cool fidget spinner!

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Phoenix says:

Awesome!!! I love fidget spinners and I've been looking for a good fidget spinner drawing tutorial… Wait! FOUND IT😁You maybe draw a cartoon kangaroo, that would be SWEET❤️

Nicholas Bennett 53 (STUDENT) says:

you are awesome

Μαρία Ντομάζη says:

hey , next video make aelephant it will be a little tricky

Riley Smith says:

For me when it loads instead of a circle there was a spinning fidget spinner.

Marta Vasic says:

Pik ingliš

Braylon Biggs says:

I hope you are the best girl is ever and just tell your little one that he is good at drawing till the oldest one that I really love his drawing and tell the sick it oldest one that hers is really good and we watch you a lot of times will y'all a lot of times at school if we finish her work we get to draw art Hub which is and I'm doing really good maybe a couple days I will probably send it to you and Mom and Dad said I'm probably going to be all this when I grow up and y'all y'all are really good hadroh

Liam Poirier says:

Keep on spinnin

Brenda Staton says:

I love your videos

Tamara Malak says:

It looks like a face 😂

Logan Christensen says:

You guys are really good at that

Avenir yasinsky says:

That was helpful. Thanks

Andrew Owen says:

Draw a 👻👻👻

Ivania Urbina says:

you could make a monkey out of that

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