How to draw FIDGET SPINNER for kids

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In this drawing video we are going to learn how to draw fidget spinner for kids.

This is a very simple and easy way to draw fidget spinner. You may call this pattern as draw fidget spinner step by step.

First stage of drawing fidget spinner shape is most important part, so watch carefully along with that giving a perfect outline is also very vital.

In future may be I will be able to upload fidget spinner 3d pattern or may be a real fidget spinner as well.

Please remember my channel name is YoKidz not #YoKids or Yo Kids

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Thanks for watching #FIDGETSPINNER drawing tutorial.

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Goodness Mushet says:

I hate to make the fidget spinners

Josue Valle says:


Jalynn Kitchen says:

Right when I saw we had to draw circles I gave up.

Reem Yola says:

Real artist

joeylyn gertes says:

hi im amir kenshin

Pyroxene says:

He is a good artist, but he takes exactly 61 seconds to draw 4 circles

Book Writer says:

How come I'm one of the only subscribers, he's a great artist.

Simran Mullani says:

Thanx a lot coz my younger brother was crying for that SPINNER… now I can give him this…😅😅😅😂😂

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