How to fix a cracked fidget spinner

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gisele hernandez says:

quiero un spinner

Ron Kash says:

that video SUCKS

minermanNLgaming says:

can i use a 3D pen instead?

chetato GAMING says:

is it the same process for glow in the dark spinner

Stax Zaza says:

how to install minecraft mods?

Slime Boy says:

How do I fix the bearing on the middle where it always fell off and became a little rusty when you wanna spin it like on the side and it fell off in like a second!

mixalis says:

Thanks a lot! really helpful

Rasheed Muhammad says:

his spinner is fake

courtney kreitzberg101 says:

can we use super clue

Itsisa '-' says:

do you have to put one layer on the crack or two

Memes are says:

Or just glue the crack Edit : Maybe a tutorial will help.

1. Buy a small container of mod podge!

2. remove the finger cap from each side and remove the bearing from the one you need to work on

3. get a thin layer applied to the crack by small paintbrush

4. wait to dry

5. put the caps on and the bearing back in!  (Top tip! Buy a medium or large container depending on how often it will crack!

Not reccmonded for LED maybe glow in the dark

Pirate gaming says:

its a hot glue gun and you touched the glue

Pirate gaming says:

how did that not burn you

Katherine Long says:

That was really helpful thank you

samucool says:

how do i fix one if the middle fell off.

Lasha Snake says:

I was gonna just use some superglue In the crack

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