How to fix a slow/ rusty fidget spinner

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Tutorial- How to fix a slow fidget spinner. Fidget spinners become very slow when water goes into them so, today I will teach you how to fix them. Like and subscribe!


Anessa Fuentes says:

Thank you very much for posting this video it works really well like no lie !!!! hope you see this

Curtis Grove says:

Why don't u upload more??

Muslima Begum says:

Yo it's Me Zakariya

Rayyan Rahman says:

Did you get so much
Subs because of

Rayyan Rahman says:

Good vid zf

SohaybYT says:

lol I typed on YouTube 'how to fix a messed up Fidget Spinner' this came up 13th vid. It worked.

Curtis Grove says:


Wolter Bro says:

can u tell what kind of oil plz?

Hella_Hailey says:

How to fix a fidget spinner: burn it

Maria Edisa Pamaong says:

Can i use oil in motorcycle

Sam_ World says:

Hey Zay F I know your sister I have seen her

zakariya Shafique says:

Hi Zainab It is your cousin zakariya

Russell29 says:

do you have to wait for the oil to dry or you just wipe it after you pour the oil?


Thank you very much now my fidget spinner is fixed

Faheem Asghar says:

Love your vids zay. Hey its Sofie from school

Funtimefoxy girl 22 says:

opse i put water form the sink

Cuteness Mess says:

They're not circles they're called CAPS

Kayla Theus says:

thx bro it worked

James' Account says:

Thank you so much I put oil on it and dried it and it worked in seconds!

bob nob says:

heh i couldnt even take out the thumb pad

FlowY YT says:

hey zainab
its meh jim

Nirav Kandira says:

Thank you, Zay!

awsome habiba says:

I hope this works

Emerald Gaming YT says:

did you pour the oil directly at the bearing?

TheHoodedWarrior says:

I have a metal fidget spinner, my cousin put it in water…. it barley spins…. how can I fix it??

assassin o98 says:

can i use hair oil (coconut)

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