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In this video I am going to be showing you how to fix your fidget spinners baring caps. Check out my other video #howtofixyourfidgetspinnernearing


ToLe ツ says:

hey my fidget spinner is "fffockt" the caps r fine but when i spin it it's friction is messed up its spins up n down

Kenny Huynh says:

just use blu tack and place a tiny bit on the sides and then insert it

Leticia Sepulveda says:

It did work for me thanks for the video

laffy tiffy says:

My glow in the dark fidget spinner the caps are lose when I hold it it comes off easily please help

laffy tiffy says:

I banged mine the same sams and they didn't come out they are just super wobbly how can I fox this please help

lisaggiata here says:

It works for me! Thank you

Rainer 363 says:

thankyou for your help my fidget spinner works again thanks to you

Diamond destroyer says:


Gamer guy hun says:

thanks the idea πŸ˜€

Melody Chen says:

I hate my fidget spinner the caps are attached but thanks for the video!

RoguePlayz says:

My caps doesnt have the hole what should I do?

Jordane Crump says:

how do u get the pen inside the cap#thestruggleisreal

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