How to Hydro Dip a fidget spinner with nail polish

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Krishna Kumar says:

If that nail polish erases after some days

TMF3 YT says:

oml this was actually good i forgot to use hot or warm water

K1DZ1NR4G3 says:

did u use hot or cold water?

Trump Is Gay says:

that intro sucks dick

Piper Gaming says:

omg that's sooooo cool

Mitchell Tait says:

Oml this is the best video ever made 😂😂👍👍

ItsMonksey says:

what if your bearings don't come out

Buckybosses 21 says:

My friend is also using nailpolish to paint a figdet spinner but he is being more precise with the nail polish

Camila Manjarrez says:

how did you spread the nail polish?

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