How to increase Fidget Spinner Spin Time X 10 ! Fidget Spinner Care ! Fidget Spinner!

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If your fidget spinner get slow do this following steps. If your spinner got broke follow this step in this video i show you guys simple steps. No need to oiling just follow this steps. This are very simple steps that make your spinner spinning time increase 10 time in just 20 minutes So follow this steps. Very easy to do.


Let me know the results.


Elon Saat says:

Good job bro

Elon Saat says:

Very coooooool

Kamran Jaan says:

Olta gomahega to kam hi chale ga

Roman Rengs says:

Hamerre pas frij nehi he .


70 rs Wala mera spinner 7 min ghoomta hai bina koi trick ke pagal banata hai

techno dada says:

Fake hi spinner hath me lad lad Raha hai

Pushpa Masih says:

please make video of light spinner

Jitendra Kumar says:

cut karo aPNA nails

technical vloger says:

You are becaus touch spin bearings

Aaaa Mmmm says:

freezer is under 2 bearing thi

Daman Singh says:

Cur your nail first.

sheezi ki vines. says:

Is ko frig ma rakh na ha ya frizar ma

Akash ChandrA says:

I mean your finger

Akash ChandrA says:

hey you are touching you hand while spinning your spinner in first time don't try to make us foolll {{¥=°¥=¢{£{℅^¥

donald das says:

I know full hindi

Damishque Khan says:

It's work it.

Tips & Trick says:

u are great

Sandeep Haldhar says:

Itna pgl Samaj k rkha hai kya finger se rokk lete ho wah😂😂

ujjwal singh says:

Mane apna spinner he frizer Mai daal diya

Utsav Maheshwari says:

I tried it but it did not work but I will try it again

Satyajit Pradhan says:

I tried it my spinner time increases 15 seconds

Technical R says:

Thanks very easy trick

Basheer Sameer says:

30 rupye wala spinner 3 min ghoomta hai bager koi trick ke

Basheer Sameer says:

Pehle apni ungli se spinner ruka raha hai or baad me ua ko dika raha hai

Basheer Sameer says:

Bekar video

Karan Johari says:

its very i will definite try this at home

Ankit Parashar says:

From which aap do you edit

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