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Mil Grau says:

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Game Hacker says:

spinne 100000010000

Prasanna Sanjeewa says:

i have figet spinner

V. Idea says:

Hello friends 🙂 Amazing video…👍 In my channel you have more videos of Life Hacks 👍👍 Thank you guys Suscribe if you enjo

ravinder Sharma says:

clay look like 💩

enzo tapanan says:

hahaha looks like poop 😣😣

Mohit Saxena says:

mil grau too ullu ka pattha

Mona Randhawa says:

wow that's amazing

smelly fart 123 says:

can I get a like because I liked everyone's comment s

Bhagwat Chaurasiya says:

Clay is like pooooòp

Manisha Maharjan says:

i hav a captain america spinner

Kalai arasi says:

make the watch

Deepak Kumar Gupta says:

please make a batman spinner


C kg t poo tuouvnxnjf jj dj vgon yjm

Pirate Gaming says:

Sorry bro we aren't rich as you to buy gallium metal😂😂😂😂

Pramila Vijay says:

tin meaning please

Bucky Barnes says:

Who cares about the spinner? I just want a shield for my 10" cap

Shikha Gupta says:

That's amazing

sam Channel says:

Good spinner

Joachim Meroniak says:

Spinner americ

Muhammad Armogan says:

I hate your clay

md emon says:

মজা না তবুও ভালো

Shawir Khan says:

It's Amazing

Abdul Sattar says:

Bhai plz bata do ke tin kia hota he plz i am your biggest fan

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