How To Make a Fidget Spinner

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A homemade stress fidget spinner that helps you to stay at focus when you work on computer,Its a great desk toy with 5 different features.

Music by Sing King Karaoke
Track:twenty one pilots - Stressed Out (Karaoke Version)
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Will it explode-Bottle:

Home theater video:

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Aashu Tosh says:

where did u obtained that clicking one. Plz tell me plz that one in 1:38

memyselfandi says:

for fucks sake , that is the most retarded thing that I have ever seen.
This video gets a Thumbs Down from me.

Trainer Sam says:

0:42 Oh fuck, i did the same thing but when I hit the button I got a big fat shock, ouch. Im making an electrical pen out of that instead xD

Forestly28 says:

wow thats super creative and smart combination of the fidgit spiner and the fidget cube😱😃

sangeeta gond says:

so borrrrrrr lol

LeoCan'tDraw says:

how did u get some of the stuff



read more

Khing Wang Teo says:

WOW Creative!!

darryn blantz says:

I mean I fidget in school and I was interested in these but I don't know how it will be a focus thing. it would be more of a distraction to me!

darryn blantz says:

What is the white board he is using?

Austin Anthis says:

Where did those buttons come from?

Manoj Gaikwad says:

where to get the bearings

Stop looking that intense at my name, you pervert. says:

Does anyone know what the circling thing in the middle is and where I can find it?

Fachry Nataprawira says:

what's the circle thing?

Elias Solis says:

I made one of these, except I used a pen then added everything, and it spun! But overall a great idea and video to help you make one if you have ADHD, like me!!!

Emily Jane says:


Chicken permission says:

Perfect for when you're STRESSED OUT

David Creech says:

Why is there a shitty stressed out midi in the background

Carter Carrot says:

Stressed out instrumental?

Nial Pearce says:

Very cool! Yoou could refine it down nicely if you have a 3d printer, if not then use a site like 3D Hubs to have your design printed off and shipped to you for a few $.
Nice choice of parts, especially the piezo and flint wheel lighter bits.

Zenny Poe says:

Finally I got mine here

Inky the invader says:

Is that stressed out playing in the backround?

Jackson Berridge says:

What is the white thing and where did you get the buttons American Hacker?

Lioek says:

btw if you don't know where to get bearings (aka spinny thing) you can get them from skateboard wheels (just a tip)

The Magic Raidini says:

Can you put a list of materials somewhere

RelixPlays Gerrit says:

What the fuck is This? xD

Fairy Denosta says:

Where can i get the roller thingi

ZtroN80 says:

that's the drum beat to stressed out…

MBK TV says:

Where did you get the bearing from? Also where did you get the white plastics from?

Cam Kemp says:

This is gonna keep me alive throughout high school next year. Thank you

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