How to make a fidget spinner 50 times faster!

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Fahad Fahad says:

Could you please make my pee fast little kid

Farts for lunch Buttface says:

Well this was a waste of my life

spinner world gill says:

I try this my youtub chanel name is spinner world gill

Larnelle Ramiah says:

lol he said his steel balls are dirty

Job Regal Regal says:

OmG what a foolish ness

Yo Piyush Rajput Yo says:

chotu tum abhi complain pio

Alexandru Vera says:

50 time faster?! HAHA! Maybe 1.5x faster if you are lucky.

Saul Luna says:

Don't listen to the haters thug


WD-40 ruin your fidget

Shree Gopal Sharma says:

very bad video

Shree Gopal Sharma says:

very bad video

Zaraafa Kalama says:

I say u wash it from the inside with a dish washing liquid

Julie Alequin Arthur says:

I have the same one

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