How to make a Fidget spinner out of bottle caps

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MasterDimes says:

Thanks! This is really cool

Akshit Varshney says:

This video was so funny & fucking you poor kid sala chootiya

Abdul Aziz says:

popat ho gaya bar bar gir raha hai

Nick Plays&Vlogs says:

I subbed so can you sub to me

Anjulisha Beaudoin says:

have u made a coin fidget spinner if not then should make a video about it

eusha pokemon says:

This doesn't spin well you tooooooot

Anjulisha Beaudoin says:

hi is it possible to put the bottle cps on top of each other instead of next to each other

Valentin Bernard says:

Good spinner thinks for posting that video

sing see says:


sing see says:

No offense but speak louder

sing see says:

Nostrils expand more than my life 😂

sing see says:

Gap fucking bigger than my future

Sylvia bouye-roberson says:

Amazing 😃😃😃

Angelina Tieng says:

poor kid.😢

Shoaib Akthar says:

is she your mother

Shoaib Akthar says:

is she your mother

Valentin Bernard says:

I like your video is looks like my if you writ how to make spinner with water caps

Brancker South says:

you don't flick it you push or you can wack it but great video

ShadowEMTB - YT says:

It works! Yay

trickshot 360 says:

can you sub to ne

Rebirth Drake says:

boy im bout to get on your head ahh you thought it was a fidget spinner

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