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Shayaan Ahmed says:

To thanks so much! Congrats u got a sub

Kevinzz ns says:

Thx it actually worked 😀

all nighter says:

How I did mine:

1. Put your fidget spinner in vegetables oil
2. Let soak in for 12 seconds
3. Take out and wash off with water
4. Dry it
5. Play and it feels a lot smoother rather then rough and dirt in the middle.

Cringle Puff says:

I did it but it made my spinner sound rusty

kids gamer says:

ronny cool i am a sexy girl

abhishek sharma the gamerVEVO says:

this is awosome it really works thank you so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Koshik Koshik says:

any harm the spinner in future?

Rubie Ranosa says:


Ronny says:

Everyone please give me ideas of what kind of videos I should make?

Dan Crafter says:

Post more!!!!

Downtown Musician says:

this vid really helped!!

Spilled Ink Studios says:

Mine makes a weird annoying squeaky noise

Dayanara Lopez says:

It worked just also not. I blew on it it got quitter but more bumpy. Then I blew it again and it wasn't bumpy but it wasn't quit. But it got less. Over all great vid I'll give u 8/10 😀

william charliebrownchannel! says:

Oh shit. He has the same as me

TripleTerminator says:

That trick didnt work

Damiru Elapatha says:

this is bad as an ass

Jeff AND Jack says:

Ronny we have same spinner

tilak purke says:

your looks is great and your intelligence……. like I said to your looks

Matt Chow says:

So you're saying you copied his video

Mubashir Iqbal says:

thanks it work

Sanjay Okhade says:

Bloody basket

CocoCakes Angeles says:

It worked but I'm not trying to be rude but background music was so loud

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