How to Make a Hand Spinner / Fidget Toy

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Hey guys, in this video I will be showing how to make one of these really cool fidget toys. This is not meant to be the simplest tutorial, but rather to produce a high quality and nice looking final product. The one I made is from african Padauk wood, aluminum, and a Bones Reds skate bearing. I hope you enjoy this unrelated video, and I will have another slingshot tutorial up soon.


**If you're interested in buying the spinner I made in this video:

Music by NCS:


Kids Account says:

Hay bro I was wondering if you could please make me one

Meikanda Saravanan says:

Can you make it with cardboard

doom _246 says:

Can you make me one ?? Please

abiromy says:

it is beautiful

Calazans Neto says:

Nice video, I liked it! 

I already subscribed to your channel.

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I also did a really cool HAND SPINNER, see the video:

Rob Johann Marasigan says:

You make really cool!!! Make more and sell them to earn money haha


Very nice spinner and your idea!!

HENRIK Sylvester says:

Dam this kid knows his stuff

FatCow Woodcraft says:

Be careful with the acetone my friend…

Orfeo says:

tanto trabajo para hacer algo que ni siquiera llega al minuto. muy bueno pero le hubieraspuesto un ruleman hibrido de acero ceramica o solo ceramica para que durara mas. o con un poco mas de peso en los ados par que dure mas, capaz que unas municiones en lugar de unas varillas cortadas como el original. saludos

Jhenn Villanueva says:

booooooo!!!!!!! it didn't spin 1 min.

Mishyblaster Gaming says:

do you guys see the failed attempt in the background 5:59

James Pratt says:

impressive kid. most adults wouldn't have that skill level.

Trumpatier says:

Great video! Extremely well done. Keep up the quality videos like this, and your channel is going in a good direction. If you expanded out to make other projects past mainly slingshots, your channel would grow exponentially. Also, I'd recommend changing the title to how to make a fidget spinner, or include the phrase fidget spinner, as your video doesn't show up early when searching for that. This video is being praised and featured on, that's how I found it through Google. Again, keep up the good work!

Shawcross Shop & Homestead says:

great video but you should always wear gloves while using solvents!

Npaw Grizzland says:

cool stuff!

QUICKSCOPE 360 says:

I need this spinner in my life….

Henrique game 103 says:

gostei do vídeo

Da_Black_Syda says:

what kind of wood

Benny Jolly says:

Bruh, your using acetone ACETONE!!!

Stephen macinnis says:

love the video and the project. Very well done.
My only concern is the safety issues I saw in the video. There is no doubt that this young man is talented, and has used this equipment many times. Being a Shop teacher, and watching any wood worker operate machinery in an unsafe manor concerns me. Sleeves not rolled up can and will get sucked into equipment. altho a belt sander does not appear to be a dangerous tool, it will take a finger to the bone in a matter of seconds if not careful.
Watching anyone cut cylindrical objects on a band-saw always has me on edge. It can lead to the forward roll pulling fingers into the blade. Cutting a round piece that small takes a steady hand and a VERY focused mind…and lets be honest…even the most skilled wood worker has had "close calls"
Keep up the great woodworking, but please be safe.

Jose Soto says:

it's the best one I've seen people make


this was simply amazing i loved it im going to make one myself

ismael khatouti says:

amazing job

Destiny Gamer says:

I can't afford this stuff

Subhan Mughal says:

i have a knob of this design

lol123 cz says:

you is good

Sharpe Guy says:

I'm making this it looks awesome!

Jakob Pikon says:

Wow man you are pro

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