How to Make a LEGO Fidget Spinner – SUPER Easy LEGO Fidget Spinner Idea

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How to Make a LEGO Fidget Spinner - SUPER Easy LEGO Fidget Spinner Idea. Make one today.


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creature from the dank lagoon luis says:


Ram Lubhaya says:

jaskaran kamboj

PhantomFury says:

I made a lego nexo knights fidget spinner based off of this idea

Oliver Voss says:

Uhm… what?

Gaming Nation189 says:

This is so dope

Jgeis23033 says:

Omg this is sssssooooooo cccoooooolllllll

Smg6 Smg6 says:

I only ring the middle part but its blue did not work

Smg6 Smg6 says:

is that song from Dora or something?

pizza boy says:

you could have should us step by step but I like it

mr. lego/ the gamer says:

it's a nice design, really, I like it, but I don't have the pieces to make it, otherwise, I would.

Melissa Ives says:

This is so coooooool

the epic ghost/vloger says:

i hate u #hate but your stop motion skills are awesome

Matthew Hill says:

I don't have a spinner

Marcos Campos says:

I thought I did have the pieces to it but I didn't

Disney Remakes says:

Mine only spun for 4.73 seconds. I used a stop watch. How did yours spin so long? Pls respond, I have wanted a fidget spinner for so long. I don't even have a real one. 🙁

Marcos Campos says:

that fidget spinner is cool i tried to make one but i couldn't

Atley Hopkins says:

How did you make your spin so long

cringekid 299 says:

good, but doesnt spin as much

I Hope This Counts As A Name says:

Nice! Hey, you passed 1k! Good job!

Dee Kruszka says:

you are so awesome

Ansel James says:

i made one works hororbull and dos not spin as long as in the vidio

Let's Do This says:

OMG! Wait until you see the next LEGO Fidget Spinner #MINDBLOWN
I've just finished it now. 🙂 Video coming soon, do forget to hit that notification 'BELL' to be the first to see it 😀

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