How To Make A Minecraft Fidget Spinner!

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TUTORIAL: How To Make A Fidget Spinner In Minecraft
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Stary Odkurzacz says:

I am first 🅱oi's


9:55 um

Glenn Canete says:

just like a real fidget spinner

radioactive gamer 52 says:

Lol I mean first XD

my Lego jets BA2 says:

Can you build the Boeing 747 but with a space shuttle on top of the Boeing 747

my Lego jets BA2 says:

God damn it

my Lego jets BA2 says:

God damn it

i am razor takenor says:

Hi Jerry and Harry I subscribed bro see you soon

razan Faqi says:

Ple ???????????????????

razan Faqi says:

Cubes plees

razan Faqi says:

Fidget spinner

karl's incognito says:

66k views. The 3 videos had millions.

Miguel Nemenzo says:

I'm building this

Max gamer 20-MCPE says:

Please do Minecraft Clash royale mod.

cs127 says:

Why do you always play in1.8?

ABKJJ Cubing says:

build a MotorCycle

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