How To Make A Simple Fidget Spinner.

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4 Simple Ways To Make A Fidget Spinner Toy!


Tobu - Nostalgia



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funny bacha says:

ya glue ka name kay ha

mahamed lotfy says:

نص جنيه يا مصري😉😉😉😂

الدين عماد says:

حلوه انا اسمي جمل تكونو اصدقائك

Amit Jain says:

What is the steel thing used at first?

saba ansari says:

Ur first spinner i had also made but not spinning much well of mine its unbalanced why can u tell me

hari ram regmi says:

I think it was best idea thanks to make this video 🙌🙌🙌

keelai teck says:

What is 'solvent

Pedro Luan says:

quandos Hans spinner você tem

アんヅレイ says:

Im from pilipines

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