How To Make Fidget Spinner at Home Without Bearings

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Hello in this video i will show other variant of my Fidget Spinner Made without bearings!
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Yuvraj Sidhu says:

It is cool but I can make more better

Raj Sharma says:

Everything Is available but where i can get that 50 paise Coin LOL

saroj sarangi says:

can I use super glue

Max Voodoo says:

hmm, is ok, but I can Make cooler =P

Harshad dhoble says:

awesome video sirrr

andrew shane says:

Wow jeevan very fast spinner give more and more ideas

AV Legend says:

Booo such a dum video

Antonio Sims says:

You will get the following SpinnerCube at zero cost its not dangerous and so succeeds

leonardo villegas says:

nice vid man

Satyajeet Malla says:

Awesome sir.

Kenjiro Kalalo says:

Love all your vids So much i save oflline👍🏻👍🏻👏👌👋🏻🙂

معلوميات الطيور says:

C'est nuuuull

MCRobo Plays says:

can you make one that spins for a minute

a &j says:

another nice video

Armendi Bytyqi says:

Is fidget spinner still alive ? Nice work bro


what is the spinning time and plzzzz make a fidget spinner with bearing i have 3 bearings….

Unizon 05 says:

I made one too

U.K.N says:


ItzNaif_Playz says:

Awesome Fidget spinner jeevan jee

jayanta 15 says:

awesome vid sir

The Gaming R says:

when ever i use super glue i drop a little into my pinger/hand

(plz laugh)

CW Channel says:

Here before 10 comments 100 views jeevan jee love this comment.

MisterBassBoost says:

I like! Keep it up!

Muhd Arif says:

I like all fidget spinner you make

Muhd Arif says:

Perfect video

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