How to Make Fidget Spinner at Home without Bearings with cardboard

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How to Make Fidget Spinner at Home without Bearings with Cardboard.
Learn how to make a fidget spinner with cardboard without bearings. This hand spinner is easy to make and you can make it at home. To make this easy fidget toy you need cardboard and coins and no bearings.

This cardboard fidget spinner spins for 20 seconds. It is a tri fidget spinner, a 3 sided fidget spinner. This tri spinner is made without template. You can perform various fidget spinner tricks with it.

Things required to make fidget spinner at home-
1. cardboard
2. three coins
3. toothpick

First use your smartphone and search for fidget spinner. Go to google images and scroll down and open image of a 2D fidget spinner. Trace the image of hand spinner on a white paper. Cut out the paper and paste it on a cardboard. Cut out the cardboard. Now make 3 grooves in the cardboard for the coins. Place the coins in the groove. Now cut two small cardboard circles and insert a toothpick from the fidget spinner and the two circles. Put some super glue. Cut out the remaining toothpicks. There you have your homemade fidget spinner made out of cardboard.

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