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Comment Down Below What My Intro should be


Stila Niqula says:

Bruh It Does Not Work Are You Stupid Or Something Beacuse Water Makes It Rusty 😐

Jaideep Vasava says:

i tried it , my spinner spun 2min 31seconds before and now it spins 30 seconds :'(

CRAFT S says:

It will get rusted with water

Saradee Sarmah says:

you are using a hair dryer

NASA Nerd says:

mine is a plastic one. it spins in hand app. 1:16 to 1:50.

gabmadara12 enano says:

to all the people who got prank do this soak the bearings with bleach and then washed it with water the bleach would make a coat that would protect the bearing and clean it sorry i cant make a video yet😊😊😊😊😊😅

Anita Sison says:

dont put water its gona rust put wd40

obslobougus trevino says:


vlogs react says:

Hmmm ur stupid it did not work at least I knaow something that's working the dislike button!!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch!!!!!

KidFury01 says:

if u wet it will become rusty

Eiron pavia Villiar says:

stupid you edit the timer or blowing the spinner

Piedad Ochoa says:

it should be like how fast One CAN go The n The other

Xander D says:

you are so stupid water will rust the bearing

Rafana Nasya Al - KanzaJr says:

You click it early wow

Patrick Rengifo says:

Water makes it rusty

Mr.quackyduck 101 says:

Also you didn't even use the square spinner like on the picture EVEN MORE CLICKBAIT

Mr.quackyduck 101 says:

Plus yours didn't even spin 5mins or more #clickbait!

Mr.quackyduck 101 says:

Hi I was washing it and then I dried it then I put it up the next day I find out the thing don't even work anymore this is a stupid tutorial don't do it! I like the basic style of the video and I hope other people's spinners didn't break like mine.

THE ONE says:

Lmao it doesn't work… in the short term it's great yeah but in the long term if u keep doing it will rust to the point it won't spin anymore… that's why u put orange juice or lemon juice,salt , and some oily hing like vengentable oil and milk with like a little water with dish soap and mix it leave it there for 30 seconds or so blow dry it and better then new

Bogdan Mihai says:

dude its rust If You put water on it


Click bait but good

Afro Child says:

great video editing

DHgamerplayz says:

how do u make it spin backwards

2OMM7 27m says:


daAngel16 M says:

ur not supposed to wet it

Gabriela Tortorello says:

I loved this

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