How To Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner

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Anthonys reviews and sometimes games says:

Your Volume is low

Xavier Toms says:

at 1:28 1:29 you can hear screaming

_ItssAdrian_ says:

I can't believe a 12 yr old youtuber is way better than these 25 yr old view whores

Craylo white says:

I used this method to make a swastika.

C Nandez says:

bro its Bear-ing not Beer-ing

Shalev Pollak says:

am i the only one that see a the jewish symbol?

Steel pro Gaming says:

I subed if you sub to me joey I would flip

Oi Noi says:

In was the first to upload a Magnet fidget spinner :C Good video anyway!

The Slev says:

will somone please go and sub to my channel can i at least get 1000 or 500

Deine Mudda says:


you got this pal!

Nguyen Nicholas says:

How does he have 13000 subs? He deserves way more subscribers

ABZ ViDEOS says:

Learn how to say bearing not beering

TheTacoBros says:

in this video he didn't really show us how to make It he just showed us how to put a bearing in a magnetic shape.

I change my username too much says:

earned a sub. great work!

Drachir says:

I didn't know u could make a custom fidget spinner that easy
Thx I'll leave a like 👍

Gavin Kaye-Kuter says:

are you a boy scout?

Alditto 243 says:

Dude! You are gonna be a great youtuber in the future

Aaron Osborn says:

That's a nice beering

Vsause123 Here says:

another cringy kid

IzZy PlAyZ says:

u should do a house tour

Fengas GT says:

Dude I want to be your friend. You are best YouTuber 😀😀

Pukis100 gt says:

You are very good youtuber 🙂

Young Wolf says:

You're the best, my man! Just keep on.

animated gamer says:

did he just say bearings are cheap nigga there like $25 $30

Adrian Valdez says:

you should do a giveaway

Lucus Lee says:

U have awesome vids😎

Kent Fuller says:

Your the best YouTuber

The Menace says:

Bro can u give me link to were I can get these balls?

BlueButterTurtle416 says:

Is it just me or do I hear people screaming or talking really loud in the background?

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