How to: Make your own Spinner Caps

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Here is how to make your own Homemade Spinner Caps! Go check out my other video without the crappy beginning.
The link:


[EXON] avia says:

imma try it keep up the vids mann.

ed ragon says:

Dude stay on point. 4 mins+ of BS and then dragged out 2 minutes worth of info into 9+ total minutes…

Cobralisticgaming , says:

Will elmers glue work ?

: 3 says:

I live in Europe.

Frovex says:

"You wanna push it in"


Top Tech Brasil says:

Vidoe starts at 2:03

Mends Hazelmends says:

i lost the middle bearing,can i use the side to be the middle bearing??? please reply

wackyrapid fire says:

Yeah but how do you take the caps off oh and it a really good video

Reno MiniBike Club says:

duh fuq up wit ur eyebrows yo?

Entity- Raptor says:

Work on 'custom thumbnails'.
I'm gonna sub could I have a sub back plz

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