How to: Plastic fidget spinner take apart, cleaning, button removal, bearing swap

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This is the video about the super popular plastic fidget spinner with the 6 ball bearings (used as weights). On Amazon it's generally called the Jarumax but I got it as the "Mini Cute." Some resellers call it the Horus, Spinnercraft calls it the Big Baller, and Spinetic calls it the Coupler. LINKS:

Mini Cute:

It's not immediately clear how you clean the bearings, remove the bearings, remove the steel ball bearings, take the spinner apart, or even remove the buttons. This video answers all those questions!

Jarumax plastic spinner review:

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Sal says:

Checkout my review of this spinner:

Mitch L says:

Good video! Glad to know now that I can swap my r188 if it goes bad

kelvin d. lethridge sr says:

Why do you turn simple stuff into a major operation

Carson Forsey says:

Will the fidget spinner not spin very good when you take it apart and put it back together?

Logan Ashe says:

The caps are super loose and just fall off and are not flush against it and I can push them farther in. Please help😥😥😥

TheFrozenMind says:

Is the ball counter weight stainless steel?

Jake Rains says:

I bought one of these and it was great a few hours later my friend dropped it. it went for about 30 seconds. Please help.

Man Of Gaming says:

How to take apart the lamborghini fidget spinner apart?

David Lee says:

When I hold it still its 10/10 but if I move it right and left it vibrates and slows down. HELP ME PLEASE ;-;

.noel says:

Hey! when i first got
this out of the box it was great, but after dropping it a couple of times it stops spinning after 2-3 seconds and i can hear something scratching against something. I used your tape
method and it still happens. any tips?

Lewis Nguyen says:

The Bar from WeFidget spins longer for $10 on amazon

Roy says:

I love those full customisable spinners

Toby Productions says:

You are making really great videos😎 a like from here

John Waddington says:

I just got a thumbnail either side and it came off pretty easily, ,!!,

DreamxHD says:

Can someone please buy me a spinner

Brayan Zuniga says:

Wow that's cool

Brayan Zuniga says:

That's very interesting

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