How to PROPERLY Lube a bearing for unresponsive play

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LongWaveGT says:

I recommend using a Multitool instead of pliers, because when you accidentally scrape the yoyo with pliers, it'll get a scratch. Atleast that's what happened to me. If you don't have a multitool, just be 200x more careful if you don't want to scratch your CLYW.

Hingle Mcringleberry says:

i did this and my yo yo is still super loud does that mean my bearing is dead or should i clean the bearing?

Lance Fhacs. says:

Wonderzed says:

What tricks are you doing

Simon Cabaguio says:

hey brandon will YYF performance oil work?

Lance Loqui says:

Can I use wd40 as a lube

jojo Smith says:

is baby oil good for this?

Chris Hall says:

thanks Brandon really helped

Vincent Uyguangco says:

Brandon how to do boing e boing

Crypticlazr says:

I have never lubed this way – always just dropped one single drop onto the bearing while still in my yoyo and ive never had problems with it being responsive unless i accidentally put more than 1 drop.

Brandon Green says:

hey fellow Brandon, should I lube my yo-yo bearing when I get it (new and out of the box), or should I wait for if something was to go wrong with it. Thanks! 🙂

C Tan says:

replace every time you say 'yoyo' and 'bearing' with penis

Manan daboss says:

one bottle will outlast your yoyo and career 😂😂😂😂

Chuu Bugg says:

is it 100% needed to put the shields back on?

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