How to repair, faster and clean the Ball Bearing for Fidget Spinner / Hand Spinner

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If your Spinner blocked, clean and speed up your Hand Spinner / Fidget Spinner in 4 minutes in tutorial, 4 easy steps !!

careful with knife, better use an spoon to open the cover/ dust coverage.

Instead of fuel liquid, you can take WD 40 to clean, if the balls blocked.
Don't' use WD 40 to speed the Ball Bearing after cleaning. Graphit Spray or special Bearing Oil better.

Videoproduktionen Berlin


Guddu Khan says:

please reply

Guddu Khan says:

glue sssss ho jayega

Guddu Khan says:

u can help. …please lighter fliud kea alawa kuch or use kr sktea hhhh kya

Torsten Grünwald says:

WD40 watch out the oil, without lubricantion. It works only few times.
But if when its rusty, WD40 works, same like by bycle chains. After you have to use oil or lubrication…

Three DP says:

Hey you can also UPGRADE your fidget Spinner to CERAMIC bearing and forget about problems, using our kits:

Lushius Lady says:

What if you lost the little balls in the bearings

We Are Crazy says:

nice video….carry on

Bella Vee Luna says:

I really liked the turquoise one

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