How to Replace Batteries for LED Light up Fidget Spinners

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In this instructional video, I will show you how to replace dead batteries in the LED lights for your fidget spinners. These batteries last 20 hours and could be purchased at


IPPlaysMc// Minecraft says:

i dont have that type of barring

Chucho Leyva says:

Were do you buy led lights

TheEvil EpicDuck says:

i want one that is spin activated, so no batterys, it just takes power from being spinned
and you can change the setting by pressing the button when you are about to spin

creeper gamer YT Yo yo says:

thanks for the video I was worried for my led fidget spinner

Jill pogogo says:

hello person scrolling in the comments, how is your day?!

Mattie D1 says:


No Name says:

I have one to not lite up in 711 I found it

Darkbird_plays says:

Whats the name of the led/ Battery

Galih Hastuti says:

i want to buy 1

No Name says:

2 commentari

Diana Marcela Meneses Molano says:

first comentary

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