How to replace the Apsung fidget spinner bearing?

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Michael Staltare says:

I wonder y there's no answer for the size bearing hmm.

Michael Staltare says:

I have the same problem as a couple of people on here do but don't see answers for them. My second cap won't come off like as if it's welded in there and that's the side that has the 2 indents in the ring to unscrew and get to the bearing it's very frustrating and this is by apsung made sure I was buying it from apsung to and bought extra bearings for it to and only one side of the cap comes off and the other side just won't come out.

Flame Graphics says:


demos theodorides says:

the dimention for bearing please

enel777 says:

my cap will not come off

Kevin Anantha says:


2 boring 4 you so ha says:

I can't get the second cap offโ€ฆ is there a special way to do it?

Justin Yang says:

Mine is jammed. It is impossible to make it move, as if the cages are welded to the spinner. What do I do?

ViperJuice Gaming says:

Why do you need gloves

CaptainJJz says:

Lmao I used this song in one of my videos

Jett Stallman says:

What kind of bearing is it 606 or something

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