How To UnRust Your Fidget Spinner And Make It Faster (Works 100%)

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Hey guys tell me how this video worked out for you guys... i was just experementing and i stubled on to this... i never saw someone do it like this so i wanted to show you guys..

if you try this video out and it does not help or i ruins your Fidget Spinner.. i am not responsable for this.. attempt this at your own risk..

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TvOnDemand says:

It Actually Works 😀
I though he was trolling!!

Monzer Farouk says:

lmao this guy is funny lowkey

Tri Ho says:

it did

flawless quxxn says:

don't care about my last name
I am Jamaican

it didn't work for me

tere campuzano says:

My brother put my fidget spinner in the water while he was taking a bath

Arshaan Madni says:

I have no coca cola did i put in mountain dew

Ryan Hurd says:

What if I can not pop the bearing out?

Brian Selig says:

Does Pibb Extra work?

Hemu HemuP says:

Can we use THUBS UP

FirePanda says:

Can i do it with multible at the same time??

Josue Muniz says:

mne doesnt look rusty but it is

Christian 607 says:

These people saying OMG it worked READ THE DISCRIPTION

Rishav Kelwin says:

can I use sprite

The boxer In the house says:

The pop thingies is called caps

Anubhav Gaming says:


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