HUGE 150+ Fidget Spinner Collection: Which One is your Favorite?

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Here is 150+ fidget hands spinners that I just put on some new shelves that I got today. I thought Id just give you guys a sneak peak before I got to bed. My channel is growing really really fast now Ill probably be at 100k subs in less then 2 weeks. Thank you everybody for your support!

Now, you guys now how we roll on this channel. Pick your favorite / best spinner you see and Ill try to whip up some giveaways. And don't forget to comment the country you live in. 👊🏻

How I get 100s & 100s of free spinners:

Largest Rainbow Spinner Collection:

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Javed Kazi says:

I like this video very much and I like the captain America's shield one I live in India

Hayden Mcleod says:

Canada and I I I love the captain America cool one

Bex Bernal says:

ILuvTrading I want the brown army fidget spinner i l've in Iowa Thanks

MTM Production says:

Plz give me too from nepal

Trey Fordham says:

great job with your video BTW i like the captain America one supporting always

Nancy Barrera says:

I live in Texas can i have the rainbow one

Randolph Dela Pena says:

Your the Best!!!!!

Alex Cleverley says:

I like Rainbow one's I live in

frizbobs 242 says:

please can I have a fidget spinner I'm from England

Mahesh Patil says:

can I get a fidget spinner please,India

Justin Burke says:

I like the gold fidget spinner

Justin Burke says:

It's awesome in Trinidad

talatam tarunchandra says:

wow a fabulous collection. i like the premium spinners

Jordan Lim says:

I am from east Malaysia…☺

Jordan Lim says:

You are so cool ! 😎I love your spinners very much …. especially the rainbow spinners and the 6 sided spinners 👍~ Anyway I like your videos very much ! If you can give me some that, I will be very happy…😊😊☺😃

Moka Salesman says:

i whant 2 rainbow goldin batman unitit stats

Ramesh mhatre says:

OMG! Just like dream a house full of fidget spinners
……….i liked the Captain America spinners

love from india

Harry ROX says:

almost watched every video of yours and liked! I told my friends! I'm addicted to your channel!❤🇮🇳👍😍

Amit Jena says:

can u give me rain now fidget spinner and the gear one plz

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