Huge Unboxing from GearBest! Fidget Spinners, Drones, Squisy Fish, Floating Globe, etc!!

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GEARBEST ( sent me another big box full of fidget spinners as well as some other products. Let me know which ones you like the best out of these 👊🏻. And plz don't say its the squishy fish 😅. I hope you enjoyed this review.

GearBest Link:
Fidget Spinner:
Fidget Spinner Coupon: GBFSpinner (20%off)

----other cool videos----
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OMG!!! Epic Fidget Hand Spinner Collection!

The Levitating/Floating Fidget Spinner:

BIGGEST Batman Fidget Spinner Collection:

How I get 100s & 100s of free spinners:

Largest Rainbow Spinner Collection:

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Disclaimer: Links above are affiliate links meaning i get a small commission if you purchase items using those links. Also this box of fidget spinners was provided by GearBest.


Anamitra Bhabani says:

thats a belgri that you think nunchuks

Achraf Regragui says:


Priyanshu Anand says:

I want a drone

Priyanshu Anand says:

You are lucky


Great! Love the 4:10 and the 4:47 spinner. Congratulations you're finally at 200K subscribers. You're one of the best youtubers in Youtube! 😉 @Your Friend from Portugal

Riya Rupani says:

Hi you know what I like the peacock spinners

Ian Speiser says:

Chris and 10

Coop Bus says:

Umbrella spinner is so cool! USA

jayden doss says:

Guys if u haunt yet subscribe to his channel and turn on post notification right now!😀😁😄😃

Bilaal Docrat says:

Cool review amazing video i like the skateboard and muscle gym fidget spinner

gaming bro says:

i need the muscle man rainbow spinner

gaming bro says:

i want a fidget spinner

Jiji Shibu says:

I want that iPhone charger. You know that iPhone chargers get damaged quickly and they are quite expensive. That cloth coating will prevent it from getting damaged so if you do giveaways on it add me.
I am from India

Jiji Shibu says:

I liked the magnet balls most
I am from India

Weekly Memes says:

200K!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊👌👍💯❤️

Weekly Memes says:

Yeahh Magnets! It Feels Really Good Crushing It.

Shashidhar Thodupunuri says:

Congrats for 200k suds

Shashidhar Thodupunuri says:

Can I have a mini drone

red9350 says:

The umbrella spinner looks really well made!

Rohan Singh says:

Skateboard spinners are best

Manik Ratim says:

plz do a giveaway in cube spinners

Manik Ratim says:

please give me a cube spinner

all in one all in one says:

please can u give the magnetic balls i m from india

Yuvraj and friends production says:

Please give me that drone my address is 128/1362
Kidwai nagar y block
Uttar Pradesh

Mohammed Almasri says:

give me the skate board

professional gamersss says:

I want a giveaway too plzzzzz well great video.india

Roo Niss says:

This spinners are really nice ….from Nepal

Gil V says:

Nice haul of items… Some cool spinners. Awesome video…. USA

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