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Fidget Toy Bros says:

Dude ur stupid, the final product is when you put all of the barrings in and it is able to spin. You didn't even show it dry.

Random Gamer says:

the fidget spinner is so cool

lana banana says:

Jerad, you are such an awesome You-Tuber that i would do anything for you. if i see people sending you rude comments or people sending you hate then i will speak up, i would do anything to protect you from hate Jerad, which may be enough evidence to prove i am your BIGGEST fan and most trust worthy, and loyal fan. i luv u Jerad and u saved my life.

Marshay Gilker says:

Jerad amazing person

Marshay Gilker says:

Jerad amazing person

Lorenzo Barbara says:

Wonder where u got the idea from🤔

watermelon Guy says:

Remember when this channel use to be good

Aidan_N Gaming says:

Dude, I hate to break it to you, Ur channel is terrible. Mine is to but, damn dude.

BeenHere DoneThat says:

peace out bro, enjoy the weather, and hey put some slippers haha

Nicole XD says:

what does the title mean?

Horizon Gamer says:

Untitled 13 ?????

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