Impossible Fidget Spinner Toys Tricks!

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Impossible Fidget Spinner Toys Trick Shots!
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Carl and his boys Gage, Luke, and Kyle have fun attempting impossible fidget spinner trick shots with spinning fidget toys.

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Gage Instagram - @gage1up
Kids Instagram - @kylestoysandgames

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Lizzie Down says:

mini cannon

Marcy Galante says:

more spinners

Liliana Uribe says:

Roman Atwood has Fidget Spinner

Carly A says:

I think they are fidget spinners

Jannat Anjum says:

fidget spinners

Sara Shahid says:

a mini canon

caleb harris kwmslkls says:

can i have the red one

Abigale Hardy says:

mabey a cannon

Jenyli Quiñones says:

fidget spinners

Michelle Mae Tuastomban says:

i hav to spener

Michelle Mae Tuastomban says:

dis vedou

Carl Gordon says:

fidget spinners

Pb fox says:


Kenneth Sawyer says:

fidget spinner

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