Indian Parents React to Fidget Spinner

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Shailendra Giri says:

r u really dhinchak pujas fan????!!??

Sallo Salim says:


Shakti Ram says:

It's correct

Swaroop Joshi says:

ooooo, 50 or 100 rupeya ka aata hai

Scyrm Geour says:

I have 800000000 thozen doller rs so i have full spinners

M.a Khan says:

nice its true

Aurangabad DrollZ says:

Please also see our video on fidget spinner

G.G.S.K Tube says:

Fidget spinner is coming in 59,100and other rates

MeFurious MuzammiL says:

Paper Ulta pakda hai!!

Abdurehman Shahid says:

over acting

Akshay Khande says:

bogasssssssss…… video ….

rockstars -x zeet says:

Itna mahenga kon kharidta he bkhdk.

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