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Yes guys, we got kicked out of our local trampoline park (Bounce). This was really funny and fun to make. I hope you guys enjoyed, don’t forget to share this video with your friends, leave a like, comment, and most definitely subscribe! Thanks!

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Angel Sanchez says:

What song was that

Jack_ Gaming says:


Nathan Swanson says:

If they don't let jack do back or double back flips, why is the kid to the left at 2:11 doing backflips?

Gus Saunders says:

Do you play clash and f clans??

Gus Saunders says:

Jack bro I can't get you on snapchat bru!!!

Gus Saunders says:

I know lol but there so so good and funny!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good job jacka

Jack Page says:

Love the music

davidortiz Ortiz says:

At 5:33 he’s only like 9 he said a bad word no offense I just think that

Haylee Dancy says:

You spelt Filming wrong you put fimling lol but everyone makes mistakes😂❤️

Kaylene McGlothlin says:

i liked

AwesomeMan U says:


anna wdowiak says:

he does kevin wohle is right

shane parks says:

Post Notifications on ☺☺

shane parks says:

Post Notifications on ☺☺

Max Cifuentes says:

I’m not saying this to be offensive but hey does he look so short in his vids

bonnie werpy says:

Dude you did do a double back flip dont act stupid i been doing it for a long time

Mr and Mrs Grothe Grothe says:

Should be jump at your own risk

Davide Peters says:

Perfanity???? Profanity dumb ass

Davide Peters says:

Sounds like a lil bitch

Eagl e says:

1 Like= One Lucky Day Ahead. ( of course I won’t like my own comment )

Fub Tutorials For Home says:

You should have done a gainer sense he said no backflips

Tanner Cambiaso says:

You look like a mini John Cena XD

Aydyn Patterson says:

I subbed and turned on notafications

Ninos Avila says:

Leave a like if he is your favorite

mini jack says:

What is the intro song called ?

Braden White says:

Notifications on

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