Intro to Fusion 360 / Making a Fidget Spinner

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Learn the basics of Fusion 360 and design your own 3D fidget spinner at the same time!

* VXB 608 ZZ Bearings -
* 1/2 inch x 13 hex nuts (Home Depot)
* PLA Filamemt

* "Light-Up 3D Printed Decoration with LEDs and Acrylic" -
* "Modeling and Printing a Brain Slug from Futurama" -
* "3D Printing Malcolm Reynolds' Pistol from Firefly" -
* "3 Tips for the Prusa i3 MK2 3D Printer" -

Visit my website for additional resources and information about this project:

Urban Exile home -

Music: "Vanishing Horizon" by
"Cycles" by


Karl Fimm says:

Great video. Learned stuff which is what it's all about. However, I would have used the parametric capabilities to define the gap between the metal parts and plastic. That way, if it didn't work first time you could easily adjust just that offset.

dvj85 says:

Love it! Short enough to not make me lose attention, easy enough for me to understand and recreate all the steps, and resulting in a complete model in 1 video (no "watch part 55 next"), and clearly presented. Subbed!

Peter Bermingham says:

its great that you explain where the tools are and not just say do XYZ you just made it a lot easier to understand Please Keep this type of Tutorial going….Fusion 360 for Dummies! Love it

Athan Condax says:

Great video! The pacing for the modelling was much better this time around. Glad to see you're uploading more frequently!

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