Is This The New Fidget Spinner?! (Fidget Stick)

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Is the fidget stick the new fidget spinner?
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syed najmil says:

i have three of those and there are color white and green

Famalandam The King says:

I've got a yellow one anyway your supposed to make it stand

Jon Clements says:

We love you Roi I watch your vids and I like and subscribe

Jerico Thomas says:

guava juice you have to see what i did it is awsome i exsploted a water melen n my head.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doza de Cringe says:

Thats not how you catch it

Jesiya Canario says:


Lil Killa says:

You are good roi

Gabriel Palma says:

they look cool

Gilberto Rentas says:

i have one 😀

Jeanphreynel Binay says:

Sure yeah, The FIDGET stick xD

TV gaming Studio says:

This might sound gross but yeah try it sardines bath

Ajay Arora says:

Need fidget stick

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