Kid Deadpool vs FIDGET SPINNER CRAZE Music Video! SuperHero Kids

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How Cool can a fidget spinner be? Batgirl and Supergirl are just hanging out for the afternoon and they are super bored. Kid Deadpool shows them how cool his fidget spinners are. Batgirl gives it a spin and the fidget spinner craze begins! Batgirl Spins a Fidget Spinner and this happens! Kid Deadpool's Fidget Spinner Craze Music video! Special thanks to Annie for playing Batgirl! Annie's vlogs channel here

Will kid deadpool find his missing fidget spinner before it's too late? Can Batman figure out what a fidget spinner even is and save the day? Captain America vs 500,000 SuperHero Kids video is here In today's episode, It's time to go to school but kid deadpool can't find his fidget spinner and has the ultimate freakout because it's missing and he can't focus without it! Batman doesn't even know what a fidget spinner is! Watch to find out what happened to kid deadpool's favorite toy!


Alan P says:

Dabploce #Dantdm

Nam Hoàng says:

Is this is fake?

Nichola Okeeffe says:

spider man is cool

Jayden Tarlac says:

I subscribe your video

end mylife says:

Is this what hell looks like?

rischelle Nava says:

batgurl yuarkul ay lave yor
ay m gadakopy

Super Kids ND says:

love it super cool video

Brenda Jablonsky says:

You guys make better videos then me

Brenda Jablonsky says:

It,s a fidget spinner

david lee says:

Music is fire

Mike angel says:

Is it me or I just like this vid

derick joy says:

Super hero kids I like ever video that you guys make from DERICK joy…

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