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Here is a review of all my super hero / Avengers fidget hand spinners. In this collection i have batman, spiderman, dead pool, incredible hulk, the flash, thor, captain america, war machine & iron man, Let me know which best top five is your favorite 👊🏻. I hope you like this review.

Super Hero fidget hand spinners:

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Fun Bro says:

I have the bat man spinner

Shederia Fower says:

I want the I want to rainbow Spiderman fidget spinner and I want the I Flash fidget spinner The green Batman fidget spinner the gold Batman fidget spinner and the clear Batman fidget spinner

Asmita Gyawali says:

amazing collection……..from Nepal

Shederia Fower says:

I love your videos so much

Fidget Fever says:

my 5 favourite spinners are
1 all your tri-hand spinners
2 superman wheel
3 captain america wheel
4 thor 3 hammered tri spinner
5 anyone you like

Fidget Fever says:

i liked the video so many spinners from india

Manya Mograi says:

you are so cool

Jasyhree trivedi says:

Can I have one captain America spinner shied

krrish_xo vlogs says:

Batman speaker is lit

Jaylen Wright says:

So cool USA

Chris Magee says:

Sweet spinners

Tilak Kalra says:

Any please i am a fan of you please give me

The Ultimate Fidget Spinners says:


Daoud 2245 says:

Nice set, thx for the review, FRENCH best regards…

graitpain 23 says:

why he said hawk on hulk spinner

Lindsten Vaz says:

Awesome man

Harsha the cool says:

I like the Superman triangle spinner,thor hammer ,flash shield ,iron man face, huld half body these are my favorite ones but I really like triangle superman

MO_DO says:

Your collection is amazing

MO_DO says:

Hulk one plz pakistan


I want the spider one from india

Hacking Therapy says:

Super cool….. I like that Iron Man mask one… INDIA

Ganesh Dhyani says:

and spider man wheel

Ganesh Dhyani says:

and a flash sign one india

Ganesh Dhyani says:

i love ship handel one india

Justin Vaz says:

I love you and your videos

Justin Vaz says:

And my five favourite ones are the rainbow batman ,the flash, the spider man fidget spinner, the Hulk, thor

Ganesh Dhyani says:

i like acptain america one india

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