Learn an Easy and Amazing Magic Trick With a Fidget Spinner. Tutorial by Spidey Hypnosis

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Now you can do an amazing magic trick with any Fidget Spinner. Fidget Spinners are everywhere, everyone has one, and everyone loves magic tricks. In this video, you can learn a quick and easy magic trick that you can do with any fidget spinner, anytime anywhere. If you have ever wondered "can I learn an amazing Magic trick?" This tutorial video is for you!


the rock says:


Richard Dominguez says:

Mentalism tutorials would be cool and tutorials like this one are great, everyone has a fidget spinner, so it's completely Impromptu, great channel

Robert Herzog says:

That's messed up, but I will be trying this out on someone soon.

I wouldn't mind seeing more tutorials that you're willing to share. Just watched the one you did with Chris Ramsay and I think you're good at teaching this stuff. Thanks!

Owen Deutsch says:

do more tutorials plz

Rahul rahul says:

yep i luv to have tutorials but how can i get ur dvd's i meam where ???

Victor Bravo says:

I'm gonna do this right with some coworkers!

maris perish says:

We love yr vids! please do more like this!

Thomas Knox says:

I like the tutorial, however, my magician 8 year old daughter spun a fidget spinner with a folded dollar – fast – on her third try. Did she use her finger or choke up on the dollar? Does it matter? So yeah, I say more presentations. And if you can hint the source that would be even more awesome.

Parker C-G says:

Love the idea for tutorials. All up for it.

Paul manning says:

I would love to see more tutorials

AtariGoBot says:

I would love some mentalism tutorials! Thers not many mentalism tutorials on youtube.

Nightfall GC says:

Great stuff as always Spidey.

I'd love to learn some hypnosis, and maybe a video explaining how hypnosis works.

Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music says:

great video

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