Learn Colors with Crying Babies and Fidget Spinners – Baby Xavi Playing Doctor / Finger family song

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Learn Colors with Crying Babies and Fidget Spinners -Today Baby Xavi Playing Doctor pretend game and then Mom singing Finger family song for kids. A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy

Hi Kids! let's learn colors by playing doctor. Little Babies Ironman and Xavi love to learn colors by playing. Fingers scratched by Fidget Spinners. Baby Ironman Crying! The Doctor Xavi Treated the Baby's finger with bandage. Learn colors for children with Finger Family Song. All children, toddlers and babies can learn colours with this educational video. Thank for watching

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Xavi ABCKids is a channel for entertainment, Education videos (Educational), Nursery rhymes for children, toddlers & Babies. Baby Xavi learn colors and numbers.

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