Let’s Play ROBLOX Slide Down Stuff on Rainbow Fidget Spinner

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Let's Play ROBLOX Slide Down Stuff on Rainbow Fidget Spinner with Gus the Gummy GAMER! Gus is back playing ROBLOX, and he is sliding down a rainbow with a fidget spinner! If you have any other suggestions for games you want Gus the Gummy GAMER to play, leave a comment in the comments section below!


Bonnie & Toy Bonnie Du bunnes says:

You Should Play Speed Run 4 Next <3

Judy Adel says:

Can mowe play roblox with you

carren calma says:

gus you got to joup

justino serrano says:

You just have to jump

Loyda Sowad says:

i love your videos gus the gummy gator

M Mahfuzur Rahman says:

this video is nice

Sofia DIAZ- Sanchez says:

What is your favorite game

Sofia DIAZ- Sanchez says:

What is your favorite place

Ethan Sargent says:

awsome gus can u friend at robloxs

amazing videos says:

That was nian cat

Learn Colors تعلم الألوان says:

Everything is very great

Lwangis Kaluma says:


Miah Ron says:


Rosalia Nieves says:

Play Mario maker

Lando Nintendo says:

The dog that you picked from the finish line doge that’s his name

Taj Raynard says:

Play Slender mans revenge reborn hope u get scared :3

Julie Steel says:

hey my name is gus.

Erica Akoto-Bamfo says:

Gos you are cool

Alejandro Gomez says:

Play meepcity

Heng Nath23 says:

You can play meepcity gun the gummy

Judy Adel says:

You are so crazy

Schultz I says:


David Onda says:


Herminia's world Enid Fowler says:

You play roblox to!

Christopher Miyamoto says:

The cat is Nayn cat

Sharon Nava says:

I mean meepcity

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