Lickety Spin | DIY Candy Fidget Spinner | Kids Tutorial | Kids Cooking and Crafts

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Lickety Spin | DIY Candy Fidget Spinner | Kids Tutorial | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Lickety Spin - Candy Fidget Spinner Kit
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Ava shows you how to make a DIY candy fidget spinner using a Lickety Spin candy mold. This is a great kids tutorial with step by step instructions. It's so much fun and you can use a lot of different kinds of candy. Like Hi Chew, Sour Patch Kids or Gummy Worms! Jolly Ranchers work the best!!

Kids Cooking and Crafts is a funny kids show that is full of easy cute recipes, fun kids craft ideas, kids challenge videos and DIY activities. We have loads of DIY ideas for you creative kids and Ava and her brothers will show you how to make them in their tutorial for kids! Come hang out with your favorite youtube kids! It’s great food and fun for kids! Baking for kids isn’t hard, just watch these kids bake! Especially their awesome cake!

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slendy man8798 says:

Ava is my friend from school

Ayda Getachew says:

My was the jolly rancher too!♥♥♣♦

Yolanda Reid says:

I love hi chews

Farhat Nazir says:

But you forgot when you maded a lego fidget spinner

Kisan Magar says:

I love sour patch kids to sour . And sooooooooooooooooooooo good

Haii Caelyn says:

I’ve never had Hi-Chews

Amelia Unicorn World says:

That is cool ava

Erika Edmondson says:

no I have not tasted them

Ashley Blackwell says:

Yes hi chews

Samiha Hoque says:

It is fun and tasty

Amanda Fowler says:

I never had Hi chews

Linda and Gary Andreasen says:

This is really cool Ava and I love to watch your vids!!

areebah Saleem says:

My was jolly rancher

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